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I'm Dr. Kaitlyn Goldsmith, Registered Psychologist (#2484) located in Vancouver and Abbotsford, B.C. 

If you have been thinking about improving your mental health, relationships, or sexual health, you are in the right place. I work with individuals and couples to overcome difficulties and to thrive in their lives inside and outside the bedroom. Have a look at my one-on-one therapy services.

Looking for a roadmap for change?

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You've come to the right place.
I provide focused, strategic, impactful strategies to help you create the life you desire. Whether your mental health, relationship, or sex life could use some attention, I can work with you to create a plan to get you where you need to go. Let's make things happen.

Meet Kaitlyn

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She has a generalist clinical background, which has included working with individuals with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, chronic pain conditions, and women's health concerns including peripartum mental health and sexual health concerns.